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      Longtech Global

      As an successful innovative environmental high-tech enterprise, Longtech Environmental Technology ,established in 2013,has always held the will of creating and protecting clean environment with innovative environmental technology. Longtech’s business covers clean heating, waste gas treatment, water treatment, environmental remediation smart environmental?and environmental testing.

      Technical strength has been the core competitiveness of Longtech Environmental Technology: the ratio of research specialists takes over 70% of the total. The technical team has participated in a number of major scientific research projects for local government. With continuous technology and management innovations, Longtech constantly improves its strength and strives to create a platform that focuses on environmental technology and covers the entire industrial chain while integrating product design, R&D, sales and providing solutions.

      Address: Rm 518, DUYE Tower, Garden Expo South Rd,Fengtai District, Beijing

      TEL: 010-83878192

      Email: info@longtech-env.com

      LONGTECH Micro-Nano Zeolite Air Purifier






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